The original idea for this website was to share the hundreds of photos I had taken of Somerville’s front yard shrines, and my commentary about the images. I completed that project about two years ago, but since then I realized I had dozens and dozens of photos of other interesting aspects of the city’s built environment, such as non-religious front yard displays, shop windows, street signs and murals, and other visually interesting subjects that can be seen from the street. This Somerville Scenes section of the website includes shorter and more thematically focused photo essays I’ve constructed from my extensive (and still growing) collection of images I’ve taken around this city. Have fun…. and stay tuned, there are more in the works!

NOTE: The tabs for the three new pages in Somerville Scenes are visible on a laptop, but not on a phone, so here are the links:

Front Yard Follies

Not Art

Pride of Somerville